Air Duct Cleaning
*  Furnace trunk lines cleaned
*  Supply lines and registers cleaned
*  Return lines and registers cleaned
*  Optional sanitation (added fee)


   Residential / Commercial 
     Dryer Vent Cleaning
   Laundromats, commercial cleaners, hotels / motels, health clubs, care facilities and other businesses that do high volumes of laundry.


  Why clean your duct system?
  Because the trapped dirt, allergens and molds can be a significant source of indoor air pollution.
  The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that indoor air has been found to be up to 70 percent more polluted than outdoor air. Failure to regularly clean and maintain your HVAC system can lead to an increase in health complications.
Your family’s health is important to you, so Air Clean Technologies has selected the SpinVac duct cleaning
process with unique brushes designed to fully reach into every HVAC corner and crevice to completely and
thoroughly remove contaminates.
  Do You Own A Older Home?
* If your home is a sealed system, your heating and cooling equipment can only circulate the air within
   your home.
  * If that air is filled with allergens or other contaminants, you are simply moving them around your home.
*  Thorough cleaning of the HVAC system (duct cleaning along with a complete furnace inspection) 
    can remove these allergens and contaminants.
  Do You Own Pets?
  Does anyone in your family smoke or suffer from allergies or upper respiratory infections?
  *  The fur and dander from your pets may be collecting in your ductwork.
  *  Dust and debris also collect there and molds can grow within that dirt.
*  Our SpinVac duct cleaning equipment will dislodge debris and remove it from the ductwork, leaving fewer
    potential health hazards.
  Is Your Home Newly Built Or Has It Been Remodeled?
*  Construction debris, including harsh chemicals, can collect in your ductwork and should be removed once
    work on your home is complete.
  Has Your Home Sustained Water Damage?
  *  Moisture provides an ideal home for mold.
  *  In many cases, this mold has been growing for years.
*  Once water damage is corrected, ducts should be cleaned in order to remove the dust and dirt where these
    contaminants reside.
  Does Your Ventilation System Emit An Unpleasant Odor?
  *  Our professional SpinVac duct cleaning system can remove odor-causing contaminants.
  *  As an added protection, you can choose to add sanitation to your duct-cleaning package.
  How Does Duct Cleaning Work?
The most effective and professional duct cleaning companies use negative pressure (think vacuum) along with
agitation (think brushes) to remove dirt and debris from your ductwork.


*  Its reverse directional sweeping action adjusts automatically to the duct regardless of size, shape, or its 
   material makeup (metal or flexible).
*  The brushes we use will not damage your ducts and are effective in removing dirt and grime, which is then 
    suctioned out of the vent with negative pressure.
Duct cleaning should include both the duct lines and the furnace components. However, many of our 
customers have their furnaces inspected yearly and may want to schedule duct line cleaning at a different time.
For this reason, we offer both procedures separately. However, should you want to schedule both for the same 
day, we will happily offer them at a special rate.
           Bathroom Fan Cleaning        -        Deodorizing/Anti microbial



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